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SQLMemTable is a fast and easy-to-use in-memory table and query components library for Delphi and C++ Builder. It does not require BDE and provides all the TTable functions such as master / detail relationship, filtering, searching, sorting, blob fields, key and range methods, as well as some advanced features like blob fields compression and Unicode support. SQLMemTable provides the following services: SQL (DML DDL) commands support; Referential Integrity support (foreign keys); BatchMove component; master / detail relationship; creating, renaming, emptying, deleting and restructuring tables; creating, editing, deleting, browsing and searching for records; creating and deleting multiple indexes; calculated and lookup fields; filtering support; BLOB fields compression; Multi-thread access; importing from and exporting to any dataset in fast and easy way; internationalization / localization and Unicode support. SQLMemTable is a fully functional in-memory database system; it includes table and query components as well as useful utility (with source code), demos and comprehensive help. SQLMemTable does not require BDE or any external drivers and has small footprint.

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Publisher AidAim Software
Released Date 2013-12-19


Category Development
Subcategory Delphi

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Operating systems windows

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Version History

» version 8.00   -   posted on 2013-12-19
-Rad Stuido XE3, XE4, XE5 Delphi and C++ Builder 32/64 bit compilers support.
-New memory table SQL engine from Accuracer 6 - 100% Unicode, more fast and powerful
-Stored functions and procedures supported.
-Correlated subqueries.
-Database and SQL designers.
-Unicode SQL pts.

» version 3.04   -   posted on 2005-12-23
SQLMemTable: History of changes

- version 3.04 (12/23/2005)
New features added:
1. Importing ftOraBLOB and ftOraClob field types - many thanks to Douglas Stites.
Bugs fixed:
1. Bug with joins on string fields was fixed.
2. Bugs in searching on memo and wide memo fields were fixed.
3. Bug with TSQLTimeStamp and TClientDataset was fixed.
4. Bugs in joins on multiple fields were fixed.

- version 3.03 (08/05/2005)
Bugs fixed:
1. Some minor bugs with Union, Except, Intersect SQL operators were fixed.
2. Bug with ToString function and formats with milliseconds ('zzz','zz') was fixed.
3. Bug with closing tables in some cases was fixed.
4. Bug with DY format in TODATE and TOSTRING was fixed.
SQL Reference updated - DY returns 3 symobols.
5. Bug in UNION sql statement was fixed.
6. Minor bug with foreign key types mismatch was fixed.

- version 3.02 (07/16/2005)
New features added:
1. Milliseconds ('ZZZ','Z') are now supported TO_DATE and TO_STRING SQL functions.
2. ClientDataset compatibility was improved.
3. Method AddForeignKey was added to TACRTable. ALTER TABLE ADD FOREIGN KEY was optimized.
Bugs fixed:
1. Bug with case insensitive string comparison was fixed.
2. Problems with opening tables at design-time were solved.
3. Bug with conversion of some data types was fixed.
4. Bug with table renaming was fixed. ALTER TABLE ADD FOREIGN KEY now works fine.
5. Bug with executing DELETE SQL statement on memory table was fixed.
6. Problem with loosing foreign keys in RepairTable, RestructureTable, RepairDatabase,
CompactDatabase is solved now.
7. Problems in RestructureTable, CreateTable, RenameTable when multiple foreign keys
referencing same table exists were solved.
8. Bug with updating memo fields using UPDATE SQL statement was fixed.
9. Bug with DROP INDEX in ExportTableTOSQL and ExportDatabaseToSQL was fixed.
10. Minor bug with filter setting was fixed.

- version 3.01 (03/16/2005)
Bugs fixed:
1. Bug in searching and filtering on date, time and datetime fields was fixed.
2. Problem with foreign key checking was solved.

- version 3.00 (12/28/2004)
New features added:
1. Referential Integrity support (SQL'99 compliance) was added.
2. ForeignKeyDefs, RestructureForeignKeyDefs properties were added to TSQLMemTableTable.
3. FOREIGN KEY support was added to SQL CREATE TABLE and ALTER TABLE statements.
4. DROP CONSTRAINT support was added to SQL statement ALTER TABLE.
5. CASCADE option was added to SQL statement DELETE TABLE.
6. Cascade parameter was added to DeleteTable method TACRTable.
7. Referential Integrity demo was added.
8. DeleteConstraint method was added to TACRTable.
9. Performance of insert, update and delete operations was improved.
Bugs fixed:
1. Some bugs with SELECT from single table were fixed.
- version 2.60 (12/10/2004)

New features added:
1. SQL performance was essentially increased on most types of queries.
2. ORDER BY clause now supports column numbers.
3. ImportTable speed from some databases was increased.
4. Parameters are now supported in sub-queries.
5. FindIndex method was added to TSQLMemTable component.
Bugs fixed:
1. Bug with closing queries at design time in some cases was fixed.
2. Some bugs in SQL engine were fixed.
3. Problem with exporting float values in ExportToSQL was solved.
4. Bug with loading in-memory table was fixed.

- version 2.50 (09/29/2004)

New features added:
1. Export to SQL was implemented.
ExportTableToSQL method was added to TSQLMemTable component.
New demo ExportToSQL was added.
2. TOBLOB SQL function was added.
3. SQL, filter and navigation performance was essentially increased.

Bugs fixed:
1. Bug in Refresh was fixed.
2. Bug with filters on empty wide strings was fixed.
3. Bug with refreshing DBGrid after insert was fixed.
4. Bug with deleting records from the table using SQL DELETE statement was fixed.
5. Bug with updating empty blob field in the table was fixed.
6. Bug with inserting record after deleting record was fixed.
7. Some bugs with field names in SQL engine were fixed.

- version 2.40 (08/12/2004)

New features added:
1. SQL, filters and navigation performance was essentially increased.
2. Aggregate functions COUNT, SUM and AVG now can be used with DISTINCT option.
3. Compatibility with third party DB-aware controls was improved.
4. All memory tables now can be saved to file or to stream by single call.
Methods SaveAllTablesToStream, LoadAllTablesFromStream, SaveAllTablesToFile, LoadAllTablesFromFile
were added to TACRTable component.

Bugs fixed:
1. Some bugs with SQL field naming were fixed.
2. Problem with temporary indexes uniquness was solved.
3. Bug in AddIndex on closed table was fixed.
4. Bugs with filters on date, time or datetime fields were fixed.
5. Bug in CAST to string type implementation was fixed.
6. Bug in SELECT DISTINCT implementation was fixed.
- version 2.30 (06/29/2004)

New features added:
1. SQL queries and filters now supports memo fields. MemoSearch demo was added.
2. SQL DDL performance was improved.
3. MemoryTableAllocBy property was added to TACRTable component.

Bugs fixed:
1. Bugs in ALTER TABLe and CREATE TABLe implementation were fixed.
2. Left, right and full outer joins now works corectly.
3. Bug in CREATE INDEX on memory table was fixed.
- version 2.20 (06/03/2004)

New features added:
1. IF NOT EXISTS option was added to CREATE INDEX SQL statement.
2. IF EXISTS option was added to DROP INDEX SQL statement.
3. NOCASE option was added to ORDER BY clause of SELECT SQL statement.
4. INDEX option was added to ORDER BY clause of SELECT SQL statement.
5. SQL performance was essentially increased.
6. Filters were optimized.
7. CSVImport demo was added.

Bugs fixed:
1. Now update records with indexes and filters works correctly.
2. Bug in TSQLMemQuery.SetParamsFromCursor was fixed.
3. Some porblems with compatibility with third-party treeviews and grids were solved.

- version 2.10 (03/31/2004)

New features added:
1. New component TSQLMemBatchMove (TBatchMove analog) was added.
2. New method BatchMove was added to TSQLMemTable component.
3. New demo BatchMove was added.
4. TSQLMemTable component now automaticaly sets a default table name.
5. Now in-memory table can be created at runtime by setting Active to True.
6. Filters performance was increased due to better choise of filtering algorithm.
Bugs fixed:
1. LargeInt fields now can be accessed via SQL and in Master/Detail tables.
2. SQL function POS now returns 0 if one of its arguments is NULL.
3. Bug with deleting record on filtered and indexed in-memory table was fixed.
4. Bug with setting IndexName property of TSQLMemTable to empty string was fixed.
5. OnFilterRecord now have True as a default value for Accept parameter.
6. Problems with record positioning after refreshing filtered dataset were solved.
- version 2.00 (02/09/2004)

New features added:
1. The speed of loading tables from file was essentially increased.
2. Uncorrelated subqueries is now supported.
See scripts in UtilsBinSQLConsoleSQLSubQuery folder for examples.
Also read SELECT Statement topic in Developer's Guide to learn more about it.
3. SQL operator IN now can be used with subquery.
4. SQL operator EXISTS was added.

Bugs fixed:
1. Bug in SetRecNo method of TACRDataset was fixed. Now RecNo is set correctly when
some DB controls are connected to the table.
- version 1.32 (01/14/2004)

New features added:

1. Performance on insert and Edit operations was increased.
2. MultiThread demo for Delphi is added.

Bugs fixed:
1. Bug with invalid memo and blob fields settings in
SELECT statement was fixed.
2. Bug with closing queries with ORDER BY statement was fixed.
3. Bug with invalid record position after Insert and Edit on
filtered dataset was fixed.
4. Bug with invalid TACRQuery.RowsAffected value after executing UPDATE statement
with WHERE cluase on one of the fields specified in SET clause was fixed.
5. Problem with unique temporary index names was solved.
6. Problem with storing current record position in TSQLMemDataset.BookmarkValid method
was solved.
7. Bug with parameters implementation in TSQLMemQuery was fixed.
8. Bug in filters and SELECT statements with multiple AND operators was fixed.
- version 1.31 (12/11/2003)

New features added:

1. OnProgress event was added to TSQLMemTable component.
Now methods RestructureTable, ImportTable and ExportTable shows their progress.
2. SQL scripts parsing and executing was optimized,
memory usage was essentially decreased.

Bugs fixed:
1. Bug in queries with WHERE clause and specified field list was fixed.
- version 1.30 (11/12/2003)

New features added:
1. IProvider interface support was implemented. Now you can access TACRTable
and TACRQuery components via TClientDataset.
2. Save/Load methods now saves AutoInc field descriptions,
file format have been changed.
Bugs fixed:
1. Bug with restructuring table with AutoInc fields after LoadTable was fixed.

- version 1.20 (10/23/2003)

Bugs fixed:
1. Bug with importing tables from ADO and BDE was fixed.

- version 1.12 (10/21/2003)

Bugs fixed:
1. Bug with saving / loading table after delete with active index operation was fixed.
- version 1.11 (10/20/2003)

Bugs fixed:
1. Bugs with cancelling edit or insert operations with BLOB fields were fixed.
- version 1.10 (10/08/2003)

New features added:
1. TSQLMemTable.SetLastAutoincValue method was added
2. LoadTableFromFile, LoadTableFromStream, SaveTableToFile, SaveTableToStream
methods of TSQLMemTable were essentially optimized in speed and compression rate.
New format is incompatible with previous versions.

Bugs fixed:
1. Bugs with locate on empty table was fixed.

- version 1.09 (10/02/2003)

Bugs fixed:
1. Bugs with edit and delete operations were fixed.

- version 1.08 (09/30/2003)

Bugs fixed:
1. Bug with delete in detail table with Master-Detail relationship was fixed.

- version 1.07 (09/29/2003)

Bugs fixed:
1. Bug with search operations being performed on empty table was fixed.

- version 1.06 (09/20/2003)

Bugs fixed:
1. Another bug with scrolling in DBGrid was fixed.
- version 1.05 (09/09/2003)

Bugs fixed:
1. Bug with scrolling in DBGrid was fixed.
- version 1.04 (08/22/2003)

Bugs fixed:
1. ExportTable without log parameter now works properly.
2. SQL CAST with blank string problem was fixed.
3. Last autoinc value is now saved correctly when a table is saved.
4. Primary key creation on two or more fields in SQL bug was fixed.
- version 1.03 (08/20/2003)

Bugs fixed:
1. 'SELECT NULL from tabel1' now works correctly.
2. SQLMemTable.LoadFromFile problem was solved.
3. AV after application closing in C++ Builder is fixed.
4. Bugs with SQL date functions were fixed.
5. IS NULL, IS NOT NULL filters are supported correctly.
6. Bug with ImportTable on existing table was fixed.
7. Aggregate functions now work OK on empty tables.
8. DBMemo control now displays field value if
it was inserted directly from code.
- version 1.02 (07/24/2003)

New features added:
1. Navigation operations were optimized.
- version 1.01 (07/24/2003)

New features added:
1. Insert and Search operations were optimized
2. Memory manager speed was essentally increased

Bugs fixed:
1. RecNo, RecordCount now works correctly with invisible records
2. Some bugs in index system (edit operations) were fixed
3. Some bugs in Load and Save methods were fixed that leads to
incompatibility with previous version files

- version 1.00 (07/15/2003)


License Agreement

This License Agreement is a legal Agreement between you, an individual, not an organization, and AidAim Software. If you would like to use this Software at your company, you should purchase another version of it.
Please, read this Agreement carefully.

1. Subject.
The subject of the present Agreement is SQLMemTable Personal hereinafter mentioned as Software including the whole delivery package, namely software itself and the covering documentation.

2. Accepting or rejecting the Agreement.
Any usage of this product including installation of the Software or any of its parts on a computer, loading the product into operating memory (RAM) or permanent storage on a computer's disk or other storage medium, as well as any other type of usage means that you accept all the terms and conditions of the present Agreement. If you do not agree with any statement of this License, you should promptly terminate usage of the product and delete all the files referred to it, as its components, so as the results of its work, from your computer. You should also return all the existing mediums containing the Software to the place where you obtained it.

3. Copyright.
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The Software is licensed by the present Agreement for personal usage only. Any usage of this Software by a company, as well as any possible delivery of all the products created by means of this Software or any other results of its work, is prohibited. If you would like to use this Software at your company and/or use it for commercial purpose, you must contact AidAim Software to purchase another appropriate licence.
You may build your application using this Software on the assumption of mandatory mentioning AidAim Software's copyright in the Help About window and in the accompanying documentation of the software you create.
You may not develop a component, a library or a developer's toolkit using this Software without the prior written permission of AidAim Software. In case you plan to develop such product, you must contact AidAim Software to obtain appropriate licence.
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You may not disclose or publish performance benchmark results for the Software.

5. Time restriction.
This product has no limits in terms of its usage.

6. Licensed copies number restriction.
This product is assigned for installation and execution on one computer assembled as a solitary system units and by one developer only.
If you have an upgrade to this Software, it constitutes a single product together with the product that you upgraded, and may not be used to increase the total number of licensed installations of the Software.

7. Distribution restrictions.
This Software may be freely copied, stored and distributed by any persons, individuals or organizations, providing that they meet the following: the integrity of this Software and all of its components according to the initial supply should be kept and none of the components may be lost, added or changed. Any upgrade or addition should be distributed only together with all the previous upgrades and additions and the basic version for them.
No one is authorized to take a fee for distribution of this Software but the owner of the copyright and accredited persons, individuals or organizations.
Except as provided in this License Agreement, you may not transfer, sell, rent, lease, lend, copy, modify, emulate, clone, decompile, translate, sublicense, time-share or electronically transmit or receive the Software or any of its parts or to distribute it in any other way.
You may not distribute the Software or any of its parts as a part of a component, a library or a developer's toolkit without the prior written permission of AidAim Software. In case you plan to develop such product, you must contact AidAim Software to obtain an appropriate licence.

8. Registration codes and access codes.
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9. Modifications to the Software.
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10. Warranty and guarantee.
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11. Changing terms and conditions of this Agreement.
Any variation to the terms of this Agreement shall only be valid if made and delivered by AidAim Software.
If you do not agree to any clause of this Agreement you may ask for explanations from AidAim Software. However, this doesn't authorize you to consider this Agreement nullified.

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